Our Approach

Community Living is more than just our name; it has a larger meaning. It’s a way of life that we believe everyone deserves.


Feeling comfortable and connected in your community is our goal for everyone. This entails simple things, like going to school, earning a paycheque at a job and engaging with others in your hometown. We work with awesome people just like you to help advocate and promote inclusiveness. Together, we can help create an environment where all members of society can live a fulfilled and enriched life within their community. ‘Community living’ is something everyone deserves.

Our Beginning

In 1953, when we began, community living was a lofty dream. For those with intellectual (or developmental) disabilities, segregation was the norm and exclusion a hard fact. Regardless of age, many faced barriers which kept them from participating in the social and economic world around them. Up until 2009, some still resided in Ontario government institutions, and had little connection to the outside world.

Since our inception we’ve been advocating to make positive changes.

Our beginning was humble, started by parents in the basement of a church. Their goal was to find alternative options so that their children didn’t need to live in institutions.

With a whole lot of heart and without any government support, these parents lobbied, advocated and fundraised enough to incite a movement of change that provided more opportunities for their children. Their dedication has brought us to where we are today and we’re still working hard to bring people and communities together.

Get to Know Us Now

How We Help

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We provide direct service for individuals to develop their capacity to live, learn, work and participate in all aspects of living in the community.
Some individuals require assistance 24-hours per day. Others may only need social or attitudinal barriers dismantled to free them to make their way in the community. We tailor our approach to assist all individuals and their families so that everyone gets the appropriate help they need, be that a lot or just a little.

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We engage the community and advocate in order to expand the capacity so everyone is welcomed, supported and encouraged to participate.
Supporting people to contribute and participate produces communities that are vibrant, strong, and diverse. It’s just the right thing to do and makes good economic sense.

Volunteers are Essential

Our volunteers play a critical role in helping individuals fulfill their goals by pursuing common interests, learning new skills and increasing community participation. Volunteers are essential partners that help us deliver desired services and often become a valued member of an individual’s support network.

Make a difference in someone’s life.

Eleonor Egidio, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to strengthen communities so that everyone can belong and participate.

A complete community includes all its members.