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We recognize the importance of a break for caregivers and their family members.  Our goal is to provide a fun and integrated experience, where the focus is on the individuals’ interests and support preferences.



Respite gives families or caregivers a break from their regular responsibilities, a chance to re-energize and an opportunity to pursue their own interests. Their loved ones in turn gain new experiences through new friendships.
For some, it’s a stepping stone to more independent living.

Family Home Respite

Individuals are carefully matched with Family Home Respite Providers. They are then invited to visit on a periodic basis, usually one weekend each month.

Out of Home Overnight Respite

Families with a child under the age of 18 who have complex care needs can apply for self-directed funding. Limited funds are approved annually for families who meet the criteria of the program. This will allow families to purchase their own respite.

Group Respite

This respite option is available to individuals who are interested in experiencing respite stays in a small group. Monthly respite is mapped out for the year where Community Living Kingston and District staff provide 24-hour support.

Trip Respite

Is offered to individuals who are interested in going on trips outside of the Kingston area. Trips occur 3 times a year within a group of 5 people assisted by two staff.  Trips are planned according to destinations where the group would like to go and activities are researched and organized for each destination based on preferences. There is a fee for this respite option. is a website designed to help make the search for respite and support options easier. The website includes a data bank of support workers you may hire using your own funding from the following sources: Passport, SSAH, ACSD and/or personal funds.

The site also includes listings of community programs, services, events, training, funding sources, links and resources. Learn more here.


“For our son, respite means he has a weekend off from us and his regular routine. Over time, respite has become David’s other home. It’s a very important part of his monthly routine. He’s happy and very comfortable there.”


For more information contact:

Hailey Latimer, Respite Services Coordinator