Residential Services


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Having personal space and a place to call home is an essential part of well-being. At Community Living, we offer affordable, accessible living arrangements along with the supports needed to meet each person’s unique needs.

A number of living arrangements are available throughout the Kingston area to suit the abilities and needs of individuals requiring 24 hour support arrangements. Supports can range from semi-independent living to several types of 24 hour staffing models.



Our focus extends far beyond ensuring a person’s basic needs are met. We promote personal decision making, meaningful community involvement and assist individuals to develop and maintain independence in their everyday lives.

Inspiring Possibilities

Everyone has the right to have a home they can call their own. A place for family and friends to gather. We believe that having your own personal space and a sense of belonging are basic human needs.

We strive to ensure that individuals involved with Residential Services have these things so that they can live the life that they desire.


“Hayden’s ability to thrive without me has always been a worry for me and I am so happy to say this worry no longer exists. Through the wonderful people at Community Living he has the support he needs to belong to an abundant and inclusive community that fosters relationships with his family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.”


For more details or to make a referral contact:

Sherrill Boyes, Residential Services Manager