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Family Home is a flexible service that matches individuals who have an intellectual disability with people who can provide a caring, stable family environment on a full-time basis. The supports offered are tailored to each situation and take into consideration the qualities and needs of everyone involved. These arrangements often see people becoming extensions of each other’s families; sharing special moments, milestones and personal accomplishments.



We believe that people enjoy a better quality of life when they experience the close relationships of a family home.

  • Individuals can use this as a stepping stone to a more independent (future) living situation
  • Individuals leaving the Child Welfare System may wish to continue living in a family-like environment
  • Individuals who prefer to live in a family setting

Who are Family Home Providers?

Family Home Providers are volunteers who have chosen to open their homes and their lives to an individual with an intellectual disability. These, potential Family Home Providers come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of experiences. They are carefully screened before being matched to share their home with a compatible individual. Providers are reimbursed for the expenses related to having another individual share their home.

Screening, Matching and Ensuring Ongoing Success

All potential Family Home Providers undergo a screening process. Once potential Providers are screened, further involvement becomes dependent upon finding an appropriate match.

The matching process involves exchanging information and introductions. Visits of increasing duration and frequency occur to allow ample time and opportunity to determine if the situation is right for everyone.

Each Family Home arrangement is unique. Each arrangement receives flexible resources and on-going support.


“When we set out on this journey we wanted to teach the boys compassion and acceptance. I never in my wildest dreams could have known the love and happiness she would fill our hearts with. We truly feel blessed to have been part of the Community Living family.”

Cindy & Family (Family Home Providers)

For more details or to make a referral contact:

Kelly Agazzi, Family Home Coordinator