Community Inclusion Program


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Community Inclusion Programs are designed to empower individuals to get involved in the community. Currently over 130 people are benefitting from this service.



The goal is to ensure that individuals are involved in the community as much as possible. While our supports are primarily based in the community, we do offer supports at three different program sites across Kingston, as well as some in the evenings and on weekends.

Over 75% of participants are volunteers.

Types of supports that we provide:

  • Volunteer opportunities. We are currently partnered with over forty other non-profit organizations, including hospitals, schools, senior’s facilities and food banks offering our participants a variety of volunteer options.
  • Recreation opportunities. Individuals can choose to join fitness programs, sports teams (such as curling, golf, and snowboarding), dance and music groups and join in on community excursions.
  • Encouraging independence. By providing education, skill building, and general interest supports we can help boost confidence and skills. We do this through educational programs, such as cooking classes and through community awareness groups. We have also partnered with three local museums to develop educational programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

“I feel I have been able to grow as a person and everyone has helped to teach me to become more independent. All of my activities within my week at Options are a great help to me maintaining an apartment where I live independently, which I am quite proud of.”


For more details or to make a referral contact:

Robert Andrews, Community Inclusion Program  Manager