Child Care Resource Consultant Services


child-care-resource-consultant-services Children aged 0-12

All children have the right to play and grow in a child care program of their family’s choice. The Child Care Resource Consultant Service supports children with special needs in a licensed child care program to be included.


We work in partnership with licensed child care programs to develop a plan that supports the child’s inclusion. We work to respond to and support the diverse abilities and interests of the children involved in licensed child care and authorized recreation programs.

All children can learn through belonging, well-being, engagement and expression.

Guiding principles:

  • That children have the right to participate in a licensed community child care program of the family’s choosing
  • That educators have the information and support to foster inclusion and belonging
  • That children have an individual plan designed to respond to their unique needs

Child Care Resource Consultants will:

  • Facilitate the inclusion of children with special needs and their participation in licensed child care programs
  • Consult with licensed child care programs by providing resources, programming suggestions and modeling for staff
  • Plan for transition to elementary school in collaboration with the program
  • Provide resources from Community Living Kingston and District’s resource lending library

“It is hard to describe exactly…we didn’t have to be worrying about checking in all the time at school/daycare/aftercare, or feel guilty about having him there and wondering if he was happy. I don’t know how much that reduced stress factored into how great K is doing… but I know it is a piece of the story for sure. So, thank you so much, for everything…. for a decade of dedication to our beautiful boy.”

Susan (K’s Mother)

For more details or to make a referral contact:

Theresia Hamilton, Child Care Resource Consultant Services