As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your donations to keep going.


Your donations and ongoing generosity help ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities continue to get the tools and support they need, enabling them to thrive in the community.

Whether you provide us with a one-time donation, a monthly contribution or include us in your estate planning, your willingness and commitment to help will allow us to continue to offer programs, training and support for those who require it.

Why We Need You


Empower Others

With the support of our donors, Community Living Kingston continues to provide services that empower people with an intellectual disability to grow and participate in the community.


Help Break Barriers

Together we are breaking down barriers and building the leadership of families, self-advocates and community supporters.


Make a Difference

Many of the individuals and families we support live with limited means. Your choice to give, makes a big difference in the lives of families within the community.

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With the Long View in Mind

Back in 1953, we were built on the generosity of others who shared a commitment to make communities a more inclusive place for those with intellectual disabilities. Today, Community Living Kingston operates much the same, with a belief that together, we can make a difference and continue to build communities where everyone lives the best life possible.

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Together We’re Better

Our team includes a dedicated and passionate staff, a committed and giving group of volunteers and the families and individuals that utilize our support and services. Together we can do great things.

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Matt Luck, Director of Finance